Inflatable boats

Finding an inflatable boat is not an easy task. The choice of option is very important since it can be built according to your needs. Zodiac boats are the most renowned in the industry for their stability and the safety they provide in rough water. A Zodiac boat is the lightest in the industry in order to facilitate its transport while having the best load capacity and also requiring a lower draft than the competition. It can have several uses such as fishing, diving, wakeboarding as well as water safety. It’s the ultimate SUV on the water.

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 2023 Highfield Roll Up 320
New 10.6'

2023HighfieldRoll Up 320

 2024 Highfield Sport 560
On order
New 19.3'

2024HighfieldSport 560

Price upon request
 2023 Highfield Patrol 600
New 20'

2023HighfieldPatrol 600

Price upon request