Boat Cover and Roof Manufacturing and Repairs

We are the experts for the maintenance of your boat

For decades now, Cabano Marine has specialized in boat cover repairs. Relying on years of experience, our talented team uses this expertise to make boat covers that are customized to your needs.

Manufacturing Boat Covers and Roofs

The manufacturing of boat covers or roofs is not an improvised business. It is first and foremost a deep understanding of watercrafts, the materials used, the types of covers available on the market and a design that will cater to our customers’ needs.

We have the necessary expertise to create boat covers, a complete camper top or even a bimini top for your watercraft.

Quality Materials

Cabano Marine specializes in the manufacturing of boat covers by using high-quality materials that are resistant to water, UV rays, weather and environmental conditions.

All of our boat cover parts are carefully selected. Here are a few examples:

  • Top-quality stainless-steel tubing and parts
  • YKK zippers
  • Superior quality thread for a lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof mica that was treated to resist UV rays with the recommended thickness to prevent cracks
  • And so much more.

There is no doubt that our boat covers and tops are of superior quality. Moreover, our products were rigorously tested and meet the strictest standards on the market.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

What makes Cabano Marine boat tops stand out is the quality of the materials used and our expertise, combined with a team of seasoned experts. Moreover, all of our covers are easy to maintain.

They are extremely resistant, and we offer a cleaning and degreasing service. We also specialize in re-waterproofing.

When we complete boat cover and top maintenance, we make sure to examine the whole structure, the stitches, the materials and the overall state of the cover in great detail. We then proceed to the cleaning process, followed by thorough quality control.

Repairing Covers, Tops and More

If we became experts in making custom boat covers, it is certainly because we also know how to repair them properly.

This also means that we know how to change a zipper, change the micas and repair tears on your boat cover.

With Cabano Marine, we make sure to provide all of our clients with remarkable customer service that goes way beyond the sale of our new or pre-owned boats. Under the same banner, you can take advantage of a talented team that specializes in boat cover and top repairs.

Take advantage of remarkable expertise for your cover repairs and more!

UV Treatments

All of our boat covers and tops are treated to be able to resist damages cause by UV rays, thus ensuring a longer lifespan.

Our UV treatment of boat covers and tops goes through a rigorous process, where nothing is left to chance. We know that all covers are exposed to UV rays and that our treatment process ensures superior quality protection.

Every year, our team profits from specialized training that helps reinforce the durability of our boat covers or tops. Come and meet with us in person; we will take the time to explain the entire process to you in detail and answer any question you might have.

Waterproofing Treatment

All of the boat covers for sale at Cabano Marine have received a waterproofing treatment that protects the covers and fabric from water infiltration and humidity, while also allowing them to remain breathable and supple.

Our re-waterproofing products protect your cover and restores the water repellency that might have diminished over time. They also ensure great water resistance on top of offering increased resistance to stains, without changing the color, the texture and the breathability of the materials. Finally, they are safe for both synthetic and natural fibers.

The Other Watercraft Services we Offer

With Cabano Marine, we offer a complete range of related services. In fact, if there is a broken stitch one of your seats or if one of them needs re-padding, if the wood in your seat structure is rotten or if your carpets need to be replaced, we can help you quickly.  

We have a vast selection of finishes and fabric, carpet and faux-leather colors that will give your boat a stunning makeover.

Moreover, boat detailing has been our specialty for several years. Not only can we proceed to minor and major repairs, we can also give your boat an esthetic update and add increased humidity protection.

With our inventory of parts and accessories, you can find the replacement parts you need for your engine. We also have parts for different powertrains, including for popular brands like Volvo, Yamaha, Mercury and Yanmar. In any case, our team will be happy to help you find the part you need.

Finally, we offer a boat storage turnkey service. During this time, your watercraft will be stored in an impeccable environment, and we will take care of it as if it was our own!

Discover all of our services at Cabano Marine in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Tracadie and Quebec. We sell new and pre-owned watercrafts. We also manufacture and repair boat covers, on top of offering boat storage. We stand out with a personalized approach, and we want nothing more than to provide you with the best customer experience on the market, delivered to you with passion and prestige!

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